The Flora and Fauna of St. Eustatius

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About the island

St. Eustatius forms part of the Netherlands Antilles and is approximately 5 miles long by 2.5 miles wide. Though small, the island is rich in biodiversity and has a unique culture that is proudly shared among its 3,500 inhabitants. At one time Statia was home to 20,000 people and was so highly desired that it changed hands 22 times between the French, Dutch and British.

The landscape of Statia is dominated by a dormant volcano, the Quill, which last erupted around 400 AD and rises at its highest peak (Mazinga) to 600m above sea level. The Quill is home to various vegetation zones and there are a number of hiking trails which allow you to explore these areas of natural beauty. The Northern Hills of Statia comprise the remnants of an extinct volcano which erupted around 1.5 million years ago. Vegetation on this side of the island is drier and characterised by cacti, thorny trees and shrubs. Here you can explore Boven, Bergje, Gilboa hill, Jenkins Bay and Signal hill and enjoy wonderful views of the island, as well as the archaeology that still remains from Statia's remarkable slave trading period.

About me

Photo of a younger, thinner me (2006), taken by my friend Chris Couldridge

I first visited St. Eustatius (Statia) in 2005, when I immediately fell in love with the island. Since moving here in 2006, I have worked for nature conservation foundation, STENAPA (St. Eustatius National Parks), first a National Park Ranger and now Terrestrial Areas Manager. My job has enabled me to become familiar with Statia’s flora and fauna at close range, and I was inspired to create a website that showcased the island's natural history. I am not a professional photographer, however I enjoy documenting the species of the island. I have a BSc in Environmental Studies and am now undertaking an MSc in Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in the Caribbean with the University of the West Indies.

Please note: this website is a work in progress. All of the photographs have been taken by me over a number of years (unless otherwise specified). It is by no means a complete listing of every single species found on the island, only those I've been able to document so far. Therefore, keep checking back for regular updates.

Me (2012) exploring a cave with bats

And, of course, what parent doesn't want to shamelessly show off their pride and joy? This is my daughter Lalia Rose, born in 2010 right here on Statia. She makes me laugh and smile every day (though I could really use some extra sleep).

My beautiful girl, Lalia