If he follows provide him the kibble.

Many dog owners compliments others who understand how to communicate with their charge.


In spite of verbal commands but furthermore notable is when dogs know the hand gestures created by their owners. There are many hand gestures used like for sitting, staying down and if you want your dog to come to you. Below are some of those frequent hand gestures. All these and many other hand gestures can easily be taught to your bill in click here dog training Albuquerque.

Frequent hand commands when educating your dog to:

1. Lay down this is achieved by putting your treat in one hand and bringing up both arms allowing the food pass close to your dog’s nose, then bringing both arms down to your sides while saying”Down” at the same time.

2. Come- can be done by placing first your puppy facing you then put your arm straight out to a own side in a parallel position to the ground. You then brush your arm forward until it touches the opposite shoulder. Ensure that your kibble passes near the nose of your dog then state”come”. You can then back your steps at the exact same time.

3. Sit — is your hand is placed palm upwards and move it up while saying”Sit”. Do exactly the same setup the hand gesture with the verbal command for a particular period as you continue to give him the kibble. Just is individual since in time he’ll be able to instantly act after copying this command over and over again.

Final Thought

Once the puppy responds to those silent hand gestures together with the verbal, you can remove the verbal from time to time and detect if he can pick up the command but keep with the kibble. In time your pet will have the ability to follow even without the verbal as well as the kibble too.